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Fall Home Maintenance

New season means new home maintenance to check off your checklist. Check out these seasonal tasks to add to your list this month to prepare your home for this new season.

In the kitchen:

1. Pantry

Tidy and organize, tossing any food you won’t be eating.

Try a pantry challenge, too, to use up what you have before stocking up for the holidays.

2. Fridge

There are easily forgotten areas of your refrigerator that you may be neglecting.

The top, underneath, and the coils can collect tons of dust and dirt.

Wipe down the top, and vacuum the coils in the back, and under the fridge.

3. Inside of dishwasher

Food collects in the trap of your dishwasher, and the walls can get grimy and gross.

Here’s an easy way to clean and disinfect it with vinegar.

Don’t forget to clean the trap too!

Click here for full list

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